Still annoys you cookies scheme television advertising, which often last longer, than spots the film? Tired of the repetitiveness and boring content smuggling of traditional marketing channels? We are too, so today we will explain why you should not throw away the receiver, what is the power of digital marketing, what distinguishes it and how to reach a huge number of original audience, involving them in the actions of the brand and convincing them to advertise as a great form of communication.

You're starting a company. Assume that this is a stationary store with vegan kitchen products. You enjoy meeting current trends, customer needs, and you feel like you're complementing the gap in the market. You work every day, your carefully selected assortment from around the world hits the shelves, but... it's starting to get dusty. Yes, on a week-by-week basis there are a few customers interested in what you offer, but you actually need to pay for your business. After a few months you sit down and wonder what you're doing wrong and who you could consult your actions with. You're close to bankruptcy. We don't want that.

We agree with Simon, however we will allow ourselves a small upgrade of what is chosen for. People don't buy what you sell, just why you do it and how you do it. That's the point. If you decide to focus your business solely on a stationary store,you can't expect success. Without digital marketing in statistics that scream about 78% of Internet users in Poland, it is not difficult to business failure.