Search Engine Optimization in Marketing Products

Information dissemination about products and services

Search Engine Optimization in Marketing ProductsKeyword research In this article I will explain how to do keyword research. For ease of explanation I will use the niche of real estate as an example. Even though the example of property use, survey method this keyword can be applied in other industries as well.

Process the same after reading this article, I recommend that you read. This is most important when it’s clear who the audience target, we are clear what should be written. Build customer profiles view demographic, sosiografik and psychographic customer there provides.

Long articles and templates for creating customer profiles. For example, in this article I make it easier for the client profile. We consider the audience target are those who want to buy the auction house. The budget around to work as a doctor.

Here comes the method of keyword research. A process of obtaining data is typed by a customer here on Google. This technique is best practiced pick up the phone and contact potential or previous customers. Ask them what they type in Google.

Information dissemination about products and services

Staying in and are looking for information related to the process of buying and selling the auction house. After owning a customer profile, login to the second process of the process of reading the minds of the profile. Assume you are in the place of this customer what would you type in Google to get information?

Information dissemination about products and services

Alternatively do the survey online at forum on the social media. The key is to ask target customers to post their word a-word. For example survey results found, the target customers want information like. Put the information obtained in an excel file.

Copy the keywords if no keywords repeated, leave it. If there is a new key word, record in the excel file the same. What there can be is the rough data we have to screen this data although these data are among search ever made users.

Data collection in search terms

When type in something in Google give me a hint is a list of the frequent searches made the user. One of the engines of the finder there’s a lot of data in addition to Google is only still rarely used so take this opportunity. In the search box type in the keyword view.

Data collection in search terms

Google yet we don’t have accurate information. How many searches are made each month is the competition for these keywords intense? Most ideally, we want keywords that have many searches every month. There is no or less competition is no way want to see?

No this is what I want to show a open excel file last. Name the first box as Keywords Create a second name. Then open google copy the keywords of the first type on the search box See the number that is displayed copy that number and place it in an excel file.

Keyword research for exact term

Repeat for for the other keywords until exhausted. When using the we are search Google. We’re looking for how many keywords that are available in the database. For example, for the keyword guide buy the house there is a page that is using the word in their articles.

The higher the figure allintitle, the higher the competition. Well if so I want to take that figure forward figure give a critical information means search for the keyword is very low demand low. What if my keywords are all not until add see potential traffic.

For example, for the keyword auction house there are three matching keywords. When added, the numbers become. This means, keyword search the auction house have a search volume significant. And in the same time the competition is not intense.


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